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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does AnimeKeys take sheet music requests?

Unfortunately due to personal reasons, no sheet music requests are taken at this time. This site remains open as a database of all work from AnimeKeys and Anime on Strings.

Why can I not download sheet music?

If you are using a proxy server, pop-up blocker, or any web browser add-ons, to filter your internet usage, you must add exceptions to the following domain names:




Why .org and not .com?

AnimeKeys is not a commercial website selling goods. For this reason, it was registered with a .org domain name.

What sheet music software does AnimeKeys use?

AnimeKeys uses Finale and NoteFlight for creating sheet music. AnimeKeys is not sponsored by either product nor does it endorse any of the mentioned products.

What if I find a broken link?

If you find a broken link, visit the support page and submit a technical support request. Please allow up to 48-hours for a response.