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About Us

About AnimeKeys

AnimeKeys’s founder, Patrick Castro, was inspired to play the violin when he was just 12 years old. He joined a school orchestra program in middle school and started learning violin and cello through the Suzuki method. He began taking private lessons in preparation for various music competitions in in the state of Texas.

In 2005, Patrick began teaching himself piano. He used music books, YouTube videos and any advise he could get from fellow pianists to conquer this instrument. After two years of playing the piano, he decided to combine his interest in anime and video games and create his own musical arrangements to play on the piano and violin.

This decision lead to the birth of AnimeKeys. The website went live in February of 2008 giving those with similar interests in anime and video games a forum to make sheet music requests for their favorite songs. Patrick would transcribe or re-arrange the music to be played on a certain instrument or a specific difficulty level.

Due to a large surge in sheet music requests, college classes, and a new career, Patrick had to stop accepting sheet music requests. The website remains active as a sheet music database where anyone can view new arrangements. On his leisure time, he visits anime conventions across the United States spreading the wonderful gift of music through hosting panels and musical performances.